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CandyGoth Influencers

Work with us and dare to dream big!




Welcome to the newest and most innovative influencer program ever created by an e-commerce brand in the world. Yes, we built a social network to be the hub for influencers who choose to work with our company. As we train you to use the techniques and skills of successful influencers. You will be able to share your thoughts, read posts, listen to music, chat with other, make money and much more!


We have created a detailed explanation of the CandyGoth Influencer program. For the first two weeks after launching Divine Goth Hub, we will focus on bringing in new members. We will announce the launch of the CandyGoth influencer program soon!

Our CandyGoth Influencer Program & Training Platform

Is Coming Soon!

For now you can join our community with the influencer tag and we will contact you when the program goes live!


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