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  • We have decided to launch our site in 3 phases, to keep confusion down on what this hub/community site has to offer.

    Phase 1: Is focused on providing entertainment and news from within the goth community. We do this by providing curated social media content from around the world geared towards the alternative community. We also provide our own content through articles, interviews, news updates and our Goth Wiki. Phase 1 also allows user to take part in the social side of our site and communicate with each other beyond viewing the content.

    Phase 2: Happens in two weeks from the launch of phase 1, it is focused on our CandyGoth Influencer Program. Our influencer program includes and extensive training program on how online marketing and much more. Brands will be able to post influencer jobs on our platform and search through our database of influencers.

    Phase 3: Two weeks after the CandyGoth Influencer Programs goes live, we will launch the Vendor section of our site. Those interested in selling on the site would be able to create and manage a shop on our platform.

    Finally, if you would like for us to contact you as soon as the influencer program becomes available. You can join our brand page and participate in the forum now.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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