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We have 3 member types to choose from when joining the Divine Goth Hub. Please read below to find out more about joining as an influencer.

At sign up you will be able to join as a member, influencer or brand. Because our sister company CandyGoth offers an influencer program. We decided to combine that program with our Divine Goth Hub allowing our influencers to train while enjoying the benefits of our social community. By doing so it gave us the unique ability to allow members who are professional influencers identify themselves on our platform. Brands who join us will be able to do member searches on our site for influencers. Brands can also post influencer job requests on our site. All posted influencer jobs must comply with the 3 accepted forms of compensation we allow on our site. 

Joining as an influencer only provides you with the influencer tag as part of your profile. This tag allows other members and brands to do filtered searches looking for influencers on our platform. You will get to enjoy all of the content and social interaction the site has to offer. 


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Social Network

We offer a social network training and collaborative community unlike anything you have seen.


The community is made up of 4 different types of influencers, with different goals and access within the site. Those looking to search our database and reach out to influencers for gigs are considered brands.


All influencers are assigned to default groups based on the influencer type, but members are able to create additional groups. These additional community created groups can be public or private.


Forums are a part of each group and allow influencers to communicate with people going through the same training. You will be able to participate in any discussion included in your assigned group forum.

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CandyGoth Influencer

So, you want to join as an influencer but you are also interested in our CandyGoth Influencer program? If so, then click the link below to find out more!

CandyGoth Influencers

The CandyGoth Influencer Social Network is Here!
Welcome to the newest and most innovative influencer program ever created by an e-commerce brand in the world. Yes, we built a social network to be the hub for influencers who choose to work with our company. As we train you to use the techniques and skills of successful influencers. You will be able to share your thoughts, read posts, listen to music, find others to collab with, make money and much more!

Step 1: CandyGoth Influencer Site

If you’ve reached this site without having visited our CandyGoth Influencer website. Please visit the site before moving forward as an influencer with us. This site assumes that you are already familiar with our program and are interested in joining as a CandyGoth or Community Influencer.

Why Join Us?

The influencer market has continued to grow and is now slated to be worth 22 billion by 2022. Our platform is focused on giving alternative influencers the training, marketing skills and community support needed to be successful. We want to help you get a piece of the 22 billion pie for yourself.

Become An CandyGoth Influencer

There are three major reasons for being an influencer and no reason is better than the other. Some influencer’s are looking for free products, others want to make extra money and some want to turn it into a career. Our training will help you achieve all three!

Influencer Academy

Once you know what your influencer goals are, the next step would be to choose the appropriate influencer type with CandyGoth. Our influencer types determine the training and marketing skills we teach you to reach your goals.

Collab With Members

Build Relationships Within The Community Then Collab To Make Money This is the cool part of our program, although we train you how to reach out to others for work and collaborations. Our community hub is actually a social network made up of influencers and brands. Brands will be able to post gig campaigns in the system offering free products, paid sponsorships or pay for copyright content.



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