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We have 6 member types to choose from when joining the Divine Goth Hub. Please read below to find out more about joining as an influencer.

At sign up you will be able to join as a member, influencer, public figure, musician/band or brand or vendor. Because our sister company CandyGoth offers an influencer program. We decided to combine that program with our Divine Goth Hub allowing our influencers to train while enjoying the benefits of our social community. As an added feature we allow members who are professional influencers, to identify themselves on our platform as such. Brands who join us will be able to do member searches on our site for influencers and public figures. Brands can also post influencer job requests on our site (coming soon). All posted influencer jobs must comply with the 3 accepted forms of compensation we allow on our site. Those who take our free CandyGoth courses will be familiar with those compensation plans. 

Joining as an influencer only provides you with the influencer tag as part of your profile. This tag allows other members and brands to perform filtered influencer profile searches.


The Community

Entertainment Feeds

We curate content from within the alternative and goth communities. That content is based on select hashtags and accounts. Some of our feeds provide content that is strictly created by Divine Goth or by our users.

Web Stories

The community has access to creating various types of web stories. You are able to create TikTok like video stories, Instagram type stories, blog stories, advertising stories and much more! Once you become comfortable using our story builder you will realize that the sky is the limit!  

Social Network

Divine Goth Hub includes it’s own social media network. Not only do we connect you to popular social media content from other platforms. We create our own content within the community and you can share it anywhere. We even allow you to download the stories you create in our builder and upload to other platforms. 


We allow professional influencers to tag themselves in our network as influencers. Brands and artists will now have the ability to search within our community for needed talent. 


We consider all businesses who join our site to be brands. Musicians, bands and public figures are not considered part of the Brands tag. We separate them to allow our members to do specific searches to find new musicians, bands and public figures to follow. If you think we should add some more user tags let us know.


We created Groups as a way for users to host online events and forum conversations with 3 or more people! Note: Our platform allows users to follow/unfollow each other. Following someone does not give you access to message them through DM’s. You will have to send them a friend request instead. Only friends can private message, video chat, audio chat and send voice messages! At this time you can only text chat in groups, we will work on making other options available in the future.


Forums are a part of each group and allow users to communicate with 3 or more people. You will be able to participate in any discussion included in your group or event’s forum.


The goal of our platform is to offer a home to the alternative community! We feature and highlight the talents of artists and professionals willing to carry the alternative tag. But we also want to be a place where vendors can set up shop and sell their wares within our community.


Currently, there is only one shop, inside the system and it’s the Divine Goth Shop. When the vendor platform goes live, each vendor will have their own shop and storefront. Our vendor system is a marketplace (similar to Amazon), you can shop at specific vendor stores or go to the shop tab.

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So, you want to join as an influencer, but you are also interested in our CandyGoth Influencer program? Then click the link below to find out more!


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