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Noromakina – Dark [Official Video]
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Noromakina – Dark [Official Video]
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July 3, 2021
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***seizure warning**
NOROMAKINA is a darkwave and electro music duo formed and based in Bogotá, Colombia and belonging to the German record label Cold Transmission.

NOROMAKINA’s members Mel Zb and Pluszeichen, mix the present with the past with a wide palette of sounds from vintage and modern analog synthesizers and machines, getting a lo-fi character through sundry processes and effects. The result is a dark and mysterious atmosphere with a lot of power and forcefulness.

The art concept of NOROMAKINA is inspired by dark aesthetic, gothic movement, occultist symbology and literature, brutalist architecture, and all the horror art, heavy influenced by retro horror movies.

NOROMAKINA’s work to date consists of singles, official videos, and two
Visceral (2020)
Umbra (2021)
All songs available on all digital platforms.
Both EP’s published under Cold Transmission label.

Destination comes in time
Wasting time in my mind
My ambition fucks with you
Condemnation sinful nation

Dark times
Dark lives

Alchemy to unify
Photographs in black and white
Evil lies within your eyes
Come tonight you will find

Dark times
Dark lives
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July 3, 2021
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July 3, 2021

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